Lebanese People Are Sharing Their Weird Food Combos, And You Might Actually Be Down For It

As kids, we came up with weird food combos that somehow stayed with us into adulthood.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that your favorite, yet bizarre-sounding, food combos you grew up eating that made perfect sense to you are a little strange to others.

We asked Lebanese foodies on TikTok and Instagram for their weirdest-yet-surprisingly-delicious combos, and their answers are a delightful mix of ‘What on earth?’ and ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

Here’s what they had to say:

1. Salt And Vinegar Chips Dipped In Labneh

Starting strong with tangy Salt and Vinegar chips paired with a side of creamy Labneh.

There’s no surprise here; we can all agree that this is the ultimate movie night snack combo!

2. Halloumi Or Feta Cheese And Watermelon

Rich cheese and juicy watermelon: mouthwatering summer snack.

3. Zaatar Manoushe And Ketchup

This combo holds a special place in my heart, but some people react as if I insulted our entire Lebanese lineage by adding ketchup to our traditional Zaatar Manoushe.

An absolute flavor powerhouse in my book! Does anyone else agree?

4. Flavored Pringles And Nutella

Reasoning: Sweet and salty. Understandable.

Taste: Bizarre… but good?

Cons: Sticky hands. Mom will be paying the price trying to clean the thick Nutella spread off her silverware.

5. Scrambled Eggs With Ketchup

The great eggs and ketchup debate: You either grew up with it or you think it’s barbaric.

Our opinion: this combination strikes us as something a five-year-old would do.

6. Dipping A Picon Sandwich In Tea Or Orange Juice

We’re not sure about the taste, but the texture of soggy bread? Absolutely not. Just… no.

7. Warak Enab And Honey

If Lebanese Tetas knew about this pairing, they might just faint on the spot.

This unconventional clash of flavors is a sin!

8. Mortadella Paired With Strawberry Jam

We all know that a turkey sandwich with a slather of cranberry jam is delicious, so why not switch it up with mortadella and strawberry jam?

9. Nutella And Cheese Manoushe Or Crepe

At first, I was skeptical too, BUT think about it: we adore chocolate, and we relish cheese. It just feels natural to combine them.

Could you not knock it till you try it?

10. Fig Jam And Olives

Taking two Lebanese Mouneh staples and creating a gourmet appetizer: honey-sweet figs and salty, briny olives combo sound delicious!

11. White Figs With A Sprinkle Of Zaatar

Zaatar finds its way into almost every meal; some people extend their creativity and create unexpected pairings, like white figs adorned with a sprinkle of zaatar.

Would you be down to give this bold combination a try?

12. Mixing Rez aa Djej With Toum

We’re familiar with mixing Rez aa Djej with the sour Tabbouleh dressing, but mixing it with Toum is a foreign combination we’ve never heard of before.

To us, Toum is a magical dip that goes with everything: raw veggies, fries, grilled meats, bread, and even Mujaddara, and Kibbeh!

The possibilities of what to pair with our beloved Toum are endless, so give the Rez aa Djej and Toum combination a try on your next Sunday lunch, and tell us what you think!

13. Laban And Sugar

You pour a bowl of tangy Laban, add heaps with sugar, and keep stirring it until you achieve a rough texture.

What do you think of the contrasting flavors of tartness and sweetness in this combo? Yuck or Yum?

14. Mujaddara And Mustard

To whoever created this weird food combination: are you okay?

So, contrary to what our parents may have cautioned us against when we were young, it turns out that food is indeed meant to be played with!

Who among us is daring enough to give these unique food combinations a try?

We, the Lebanese, even when we do not mix and match, our food surpasses all other pleasures in the world! The biggest proof of that is that recently, Fattoush & Tabbouleh ranked among the best salads worldwide.

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