500+ Syrian Businesses Illegally Operating In Lebanon Were Just Shut Down

Lebanon has witnessed the initiation of an extensive security crackdown targeting Syrian refugees and their workplaces, resulting in the closure of numerous establishments lacking official licenses.

The General Security authority in Lebanon has taken stringent measures, shuttering approximately 500 businesses owned by displaced Syrians across the country as part of the ongoing campaign.

The campaign includes a series of new regulations aimed at managing and overseeing the Syrian refugee situation, which includes prohibiting employment for Syrians registered with the UNHCR, as stated in an official announcement.

Lebanon’s caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, underscored in an interview with LBC the government’s determination to expel all undocumented Syrian residents from the nation.

Mikati emphasized that the financial aid package extended to Lebanon by the EU carries no conditions, and consequently, all illegal Syrian inhabitants will face deportation.

Lebanese authorities carried out the deportation of 450 Syrian refugees back to their homeland due to their lack of Lebanese residency permits.

Noting that it was recently estimated that out of the two million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, only 300,000 possess residency permits, while 800,000 are registered, leaving 1.2 million unregistered.

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