TikTok Will Work With Lebanon To Monitor App After Pedophilia Ring Caught

The Ministry of Information will collaborate with the TikTok office in the Middle East and Turkey, as the TikTok team is scheduled to visit Lebanon soon following the ministry’s invitation.

This cooperation aims to develop a joint action plan with the Ministry of Information to monitor TikTok’s content and reduce the risks of offensive material.

Additionally, they plan to establish ethical guidelines and organize educational courses provided by experts.

These courses will be available to all interested media professionals and educational institutions, focusing on how to utilize the platform and understand its regulations and laws positively.

In this regard, Caretaker Minister of Information, Ziad Al-Makari, issued a statement addressing the recent issues concerning the TikTok application, specifically the luring of minors and the exposure of the TikTokers’ gang by security forces.

He highlighted that any ban on the application requires a judicial decision and noted that banning would not completely prevent its use due to alternatives like VPNS.

This clarification comes in response to calls for banning TikTok in Lebanon.

Al-Makari also emphasized the need for accurate dissemination of information regarding the ongoing investigations into the TikTokers scandal.

He stressed that only the judiciary should provide investigation details to avoid misinformation that could harm the process.

He acknowledged the vital role of responsible investigative in presenting facts professionally while aligning with the statement from the Public Prosecution of Discriminiation.

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